House of Music: high-end audio for over 40 years.

Surround yourself and your home with amazing music. House of Music delivers sound of an astonishing quality and depth, with exceptional service honed to your unique needs. And House of Music offers the absolute best high-end audio equipment in the industry.

Your living environment is precious, and the hours you have to relax in your space, priceless. For over 40 years, we’ve been in the business of selling and servicing San Francisco’s very best home sound systems. For this reason, music fanatics throughout the Bay Area have chosen House of Music’s advice, equipment and service. Owner Ruthann Pietrofeso is as obsessed with acoustical perfection as are her clients. For decades, Pietrofeso has lead this enterprising operation, building a state-of-the-art showroom along with four sound-proof listening rooms, compiling a team of expertly trained professionals and insisting on only the top high-end audio brands in the business.

Shop High End Audio in the San Francisco Bay Area

Before “shop locally” was a catchphrase, sophisticated San Francisco audiophiles have chosen House of Music for its particular experience with Bay Area homes, from modern condos in high-rise skyscrapers to historic buildings with tricky plaster walls and choppy blueprints. In either case, your new home sound system will fit in seamlessly, and look as good as it sounds.

If you think House of Music is a retailer of high-end audio equipment, you’d be only partly right. Customers don’t just walk away with impressive brand-name components; they are also treated to House of Music’s personalized service−from installation to operation to troubleshooting and all points in between. No national retailer of acoustic equipment can come anywhere close to our tailor-made service. And we never outsource.

The House of Music staff works around the clock to satisfy your needs, and you can be assured they will always answer the phone! Learn more about why you should shop with us >

For high end audio products, custom audio installation and the most meticulous service imaginable, visit us at House of Music at 410 Harriet Street, San Francisco.


Service, service and more service…

At House of Music, we pride ourselves on superior equipment because our customers deserve the very best. We have meticulously chosen the brands we offer based on their consistently and dependably impressive sound, their overall performance and ease of use. But don’t expect us to sell you a brand new system and wish you well on your journey. We’ve been here since 1968 because of our EXCELLENT SERVICE. That means service from our staff when helping you decide what the best product for your situation is… Service in setting up your ultimate system… and most importantly, service even after your system is set up in your home should the need arise.

We make it our business to be here when you have questions or need help. And most importantly, WE ANSWER THE PHONE and send out a technician to your home immediately!

House of Music; since 1968 – the quality service San Francisco deserves.