Universal Remote Control

Universal Remote Control at House of Music

If you’ve made it to the House of Music site, we’re guessing you are already a sound and video aficionado. Chances are, you’ve got a range of components in your home, and very likely the accompanying remote controls to go with them. So many remotes, so little space on your coffee table, not to mention the headache of finding the right remote for the job!

For more than 20 years, Universal Remote Control has been solving this problem with style and efficiency, too. Sure, remote controls rarely make headlines, even the best ones. But URC could very possibly change your view of this lowly though useful hand-held device, and make controlling your music and video so much easier.

Whether you’re looking for a remote to bring all your stereo components together, or a remote that does this and so much more—including controlling your lighting, climate, too—these little wonders of modern technology do the job with aplomb and style. If whole-house control seems too complicated or too expensive, URC also offers the only system that allows you to start with a basic component controlling a TV, Blu-ray, Cable Box, and music with a remote or a mobile app, and grow into one-touch mastery of climate, lighting, and more—at a price that’s within reach.

Want to take control of your life? Well, that’s a tall order. If you want to take control of your home electronics, however, the solution is simple. House of Music is proud to carry the top-of-the-line remotes manufactured by the absolute leader in the field, the aptly named Universal Remote Control company of Harrison, NY.

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