Grado Headphones at House of Music

Old-word craftsmanship meets cutting-edge technology in every pair of gorgeous headphones from this family-owned business based in Brooklyn, New York. These pieces of acoustical art are hand made and designed by John Grado, second-generation president and CEO. Throughout Grado’s range, these high-fidelity headphones have won awards and accolades from pretty much every audio reviewer on the planet. After 60 years of honors, this boutique brand has remained under the radar, preferring to spend time and energy on engineering and design−not mass advertising. To this day, Grado headphones have a cult-like status among serious music lovers.

Grado Labs – Where Style Meets Technology

Time-honored manufacturing and painstaking attention to design detail allows for previously unimaginable levels of pitch control, harmonic accuracy and booming bass. Grado’s trademark wooden Statement and Reference Series headphones are made in minuscule amounts each year, hand-crafted in Grado’s lab from a specially selected species of mahogany. If headphones are your passion, these are the ticket for you, transporting your ears and other senses into a world of musical perfection.

Grado headphones mimic the effect of listening to a top-performing pair of speakers. They are free of room effects and placement problems, and they minimize interference from external noise. No other headphone allows for the kind of clarity and depth of bass than Grado headphones. Plus they look insanely cool and will earn you plenty of lustful stares where ever you go.

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