AudioQuest Cables at House of Music

What began in a garage in 1980, thanks to the unique talents and vision of then teenager Bill Low, is now THE must-have name in audio and video cable. These days AudioQuest is the largest supplier to the high-end specialist market. Well, it has been for years, quietly producing the kind of product that sends sound waves of excitement within the industry, but barely a peep outside of it. It may be hard to get excited about cable—after all it’s just a bunch of wires surrounded by a plastic coating thingie, right?

And San Francisco is just another urban center on North America’s western coast.

AudioQuest cables are designed with two goals in mind: mechanical stability and absolute clarity. It’s hard to imagine an individual who better understands the mechanisms that cause distortion in cable than Low, who continues to stand at the helm of this company. Over the years, Low’s exacting process of experimentation has resulted in more perfect sound as well as expansion of AudioQuests goals to include the very finest video and digital cables. Presently, AudioQuest manufactures HDMI, video, speaker, power and computer audio cables along with analog and digital interconnects and other accessories.

Sure, cables aren’t as inherently sexy as other parts of your audio or video system, but once you’ve experienced the quality of sound and image conveyed through one of these feats of electronic technology, you’ll understand the difference between AudioQuest cables and all the rest.

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