PS Audio

PS Audio at House of Music

For discerning audio customers who appreciate cutting-edge technology, craftsmanship and unique, artisan design, PS Audio has raised the standard. Long known for their innovative products, Boulder-based PS Audio continues to raise the bar by reinventing products, designs and technologies.

Transforming the way you listen. That’s the PS Audio mission. And with hi-fi stereo amps, digital-to-analog converters and groundbreaking memory players that connect wirelessly to stream crisp, clear and enormous audio for the most discerning audiophiles, they certainly hit the mark.

Rediscover what’s missing in your home audio system with PS Audio.

PS Audio Sprout

The PS Audio Sprout is the brainchild of CEO Paul McGowan’s son, young audiophile Scott. A must-have for discerning music lovers, PS Audio Sprout is a stereo integrated amp that’s jam-packed with features but doesn’t skimp on design.

The user-friendly PS Audio Sprout sports a sleek look with an aluminum housing and a real walnut cover, and only requires two knobs to control input selection and volume. With a built-in power supply and a rare built-in phono preamp input, both design-lovers and audiophiles will be impressed by the design. And despite it’s small stature, the PS Audio Sprout delivers engaging and powerful sound experience.

PS Audio Components

PS Audio’s product offering goes, of course, beyond the PS Audio Sprout. And they’re all engineered in-house at this American manufacturer, which proudly hand builds core products to investment level standards and employs more than 25 local artisans who design, build and make products available all over the world.

PS Audio offers the affordable-yet-luxurious BHK Signature Series power amplifier, the remarkable DirectStream DAC for digital-to-analog conversion needs, the ground-breaking PerfectWave CD/DVD Memory Player, the streaming Analog Phono Converter, the affordable NuWave DAC, and a state-of-the-art network to support gear-heads who wanted a fully integrated system without audio or design concessions.