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Sonos Play:5 –
Beauty and Brains

The ‘best speaker Sonos has ever made’ according to Engadget, the new, 2nd generation Sonos Play:5 has been reimagined in every single way to the delight of audiophiles all over the world. At House of Music, we’re discerning about our speaker selection. And with the improvements to the Sonos Play:5 in connectivity, audio quality, and design, we’re proud to have it in our state-of-the-art showroom.

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Sonos Play:5 – Showroom

Want to hear one – or many – in person? Come to our state-of-the-art showroom in San Francisco’s South of Market district to experience the new Sonos Play:5 for yourself. Buying a piece of ear-candy is a big decision. Why not experience it in person, in the comfort of one of our four cutting-edge listening rooms?

Prop your feet up in one of our comfy chairs, and we’ll help you explore the possibilities. We’ll setup the Sonos Play:5 with a variety of components that you can swap out to experience in audio quality at full power without distortion. Bring your favorite music, or sample some of our vast collection, to see just how easy it is to get a powerful music experience with the new, second generation Sonos Play:5.

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Sonos Play:5
New and Improved

Sonos aficionados know that this is the first time in history that the largest speaker in their flagship line has been updated. And, seeing and hearing the new Sonos Play:5, we can see why.

An incredible amount of attention to detail has been put into the new Sonos Play:5, from design to performance. The newly updated speaker can now be consistently positioned horizontally, vertically, or paired horizontally, all with no sound distortion. That’s a feat that not many speaker companies can achieve. Additionally, the drivers, mid-woofers and tweeters have been improved to provide a crisper, richer and more bass-driven sound quality. Learn more on the Sonos website >

Sonos Play:5
Sonos Play:5

The New Design

The enclosure is sleek and beautiful with two color options – matte black and matte white, both of which are available at House of Music. The attention to detail is evident here, with custom power plugs created just for beauty’s sake, clean lines and a subdued curved shape that looks great at every angle, and capacitive keys that replace the physical buttons of the first generation model.

Connectivity Made Easy

Connectivity is crucial to today’s discerning audiophile, especially when it comes to multi-room speakers, and the Sonos Play:5 has been updated on a variety of fronts. The Sonos Play:5 utilizes the newly developed TruePlay software, which automatically accounts for the acoustics of the room and adjusts the speaker’s EQ settings for best sound quality. The new sync button allows for easy connection to your devices, and the Sonos controller app allows for streaming almost any service in one, coherent interface.

Sonos Play:5

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