Bowers and Wilkins at House of Music

This distinguished British company manufactures high-end loudspeakers combining the latest in sound technology with exquisite craftsmanship not generally found in this category. You won’t want to hide Bowers and Wilkins speakers in a wall or behind a couch. These beauties deserve center stage in your home, from their trademark mustard yellow drivers, to their burnished wood and leather finishes. All that appeal, and we haven’t even discussed how B&W speakers sound!

Direct from the U.K., this top-of-the-line brand had humble beginnings as the brainchild of telecommunications engineer John Bowers in the 1960s. Always the scientist, Bowers tinkered and toiled in his dedicated, purpose-built research lab, soon to arrive at the ideal machine for producing sound. Today Bowers and Wilkins speakers represent the very finest in the land. Known for their rich, balanced audio, these stunners blanket a space with inviting music or vocals.

The 800 Series Diamond Reimagined

Bowers and Wilkens has been ‘hitting the right note’ with the iconic 800 loudspeakers for nearly four decades. The exemplary series has been refreshed over the years to improve design, function and performance, but never has it been reimagined so holistically as today.

Newly unveiled, the 800 Series Diamond benefits from seven years of research and development. Virtually every component has been redesigned over past iterations, with each model now boasting the revered diamond tweeter, which has itself, even, received a makeover in the assembly department.

Bowers and Wilkins 800 Series Diamond Product Line

The new 800 Series Diamond line features three floor-standing loudspeakers, including the completely new and compact 803 D3, two home-theater center speaker models, one subwoofer and one stand unit. In addition to improvements on the diamond tweeter, every component from the cabinet construction to the drive unit’s proprietary composite Continuum cone, the new Turbine head enclosure to the bass-boosting, distortion-eliminating Aerofoil cone has been reconceived.

Improved acoustic clarity. Studio-grade technology. Pristine, natural sound. Smaller footprints. There’s no descriptor for the reimagined 800 Series Diamond line that audiophiles won’t love.

House of Music carries the full line of B&W speakers and headphones, including:

  • Bowers and Wilkins speakers for computers, home audio and home theater systems
  • Bowers and Wilkins headphones, including over-the-ear and in-air options
  • Wireless music systems from Bowers and Wilkins
  • Limited edition B&W components, including pieces from the popular Maserati collaboration

House of Music is pleased to carry these loudspeakers, which convey a sound that is both powerful and crystal clear−and we might say the same of B&W’s headphones! We’re likewise thrilled to present Bowers and Wilkins’ unique take on sound technology to Bay Area locals who insist on the best audio.

Call us at 415 255 0888 or come by our state-of-the-art showroom at 410 Harriet Street, San Francisco to learn more about our current stock of Bowers and Wilkins audio equipment.

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