High End Digital to
Analog Converters

High end DACS can make all the difference in your listening experience, whether you’re enjoying a podcast on headphones or a symphony in your home theater. Ensuring that you hear your audio exactly the way it was recorded, in all of its rich complexity, is no small feat. And that’s why we don’t leave it up to just any digital to analog converters.

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High End Dac Installation

Our expert audio technicians are on hand to help you get the best performance out of your components. We’re as passionate about how your new digital to analog converter will sound in your home as we are about our own, and that’s why we offer custom installations – starting with a free in-home consultation – to Bay Area customers. We’ll fret over every little detail, from programming your remotes to moving furniture with care, so that you don’t have to.

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McIntosh Digital to Analog Converters

Considered an ‘indispensable accompaniment to any system’, McIntosh’s integrated D100 is a remote controlled digital stereo preamplifier with five digital inputs, and both variable and fixed volume audio output. Small in size, the D100 will have a big impact on your digital listening experience. And this high end DAC is certainly not hard to look at, with its classic façade, knobs and handcrafted black-glass front panels – just like the rest of your McIntosh components.


Devialet Digital to Analog Converters

A technical wonder. That might be the only way to accurately describe the high end DACS product line offered by Devialet. With an emphasis on innovation, it should be no surprise that Devialet can dream up and then produce integrated amplifiers with DACS that perform so powerfully and accurately. The transparency and dynamics produced by Devialet’s high end DACS are remarkable, and these easy-to-use components even boast beautiful design in – dare we say – elegantly sexy packaging.


PS Audio Digital to Analog Converters

One of a very few high-end products to fully transcend the limitations of traditional digital to analog converters, PS Audio’s PerfectWave DAC is hard to beat for audiophiles who desire standalone DACS. The PerfectWave provide uncompromised performance for any media delivery or storage system, and converts the high-resolution digital audio data to the most musically natural sounding analog audio possible. One gorgeous piece of equipment, the PerfectWave is a rare find: a high end DACS that’s hand-built in the United States of America.


NAD Digital to Analog Converters

A super simple and fun component, the DAC 1 Wireless USB Digital-to-Analog Converter by NAD Electronics allows you listen to any music stored on or streamed to your computer on your favorite hi-fi system. Forget streaming, this high end DACS offers point-to-point wireless technology so you can maintain uncompressed sound quality without depending on a wi-fi connection. The best part? The price tag: an unusually good value for the level of quality.


Rotel Digital to Analog Converters

Rotel is known as a company that provides impeccable audio equipment without the booming price tag, and their high end DACS is no different. Despite it’s small design, Rotel’s standalone RDD-1580 digital to analog converter offers big impact for your listening experience. With input flexibility and device charging capability, the RDD-1580 is designed to cater to the growing popularity of high definition digital audio with an umatched level of convenience.


Parasound Digital to Analog Converters

Looking for a more natural, less ‘digital’ sounding digital to analog converter at a reasonable price point? Look no further than Parasound with their new Zdac DAC. This high end DACS offer jitter reduction on all inputs, not just the USB inputs, and driverless USB integration for easy setup. The Zdac also features a variable volume mode, eliminating the need for a pre-amp when connecting to a power amplifier. It’s a unique solution for audiophiles who desire a simple, well-made, high end DACS without a high end price tag.


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