High End Speaker Brands

High End Speaker Brands
Bring Music to Life

At House of Music, we love music as much as you do. That’s why we’re discerning about the high end speaker brands we carry. From traditional loudspeakers to the latest technological advancements in wireless streaming technology, we only stock the most innovative, well crafted and beautifully designed speakers and accessories.

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Speaker Installation

Don’t put your speakers into just any hands. Our expert audio technicians are on hand to help you with every detail. In fact, we’re as passionate about how your new high end speaker will sound in your home as we are about our own. From custom installations with a multitude of components – starting with a free in-home consultation – to programming your remote, House of Music has your audio bases covered.

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B&W Speakers

B&W speakers are renowned for conveying a sound that is both powerful and crystal clear. With their unmatched design cred, these beauties deserve center stage in your home, from their trademark mustard yellow drivers, to their burnished wood and leather finishes. The new 800 Series are some of the best speakers available, anywhere.


Focal Speakers

The faithful reproduction of music has been Focal’s mission from the beginning, and continuous innovation has been key in attaining that goal. Consistency of performance is one of Focal’s biggest promises to customers, and, with every innovative high end speaker, they deliver.


McIntosh Labs Speakers

While McIntosh may specialize in beautiful design, this high end speaker brand proves that their audio power and quality go far beyond their visual appeal. There’s a reason why this U.S. manufacturer has a loyal local and national following, so if you seek big, complex and warm sound, look to McIntosh for your speaker needs.


Sonos Speakers

For simplicity and a certain spare elegant aesthetic, Sonos speakers stand alone. Sonos speakers produce excellent, rich and meaty sound for their size, and the depth and scale of Sonos’ bass is astoundingly impressive. If you love a lean, clear look with a matched simplicity of use, consider Sonos speakers


REL Subwoofers

Manufactured with care by highly skilled Welsh technicians, REL’s subwoofers are simply the finest available on the planet. No matter what the use – from home theater to home dance club – REL subwoofers deliver highly accurate, dynamic low bass without distortion. REL subwoofers make an outstanding addition to your high-end audio or home theater system.


KEF Speakers

Audiophiles seek out KEF’s high-end audio equipment for its quality and clarity, and KEF speakers are no exception. While known for their flagship designs, audiophiles continue to choose KEF for its innovation and high end speaker performance.


Other Brands We Carry