Devialet Phantom

Devialet Phantom:
Incredible Sound

A feat of engineering, the Devialet Phantom is the ultimate sound experience in compact form. At House of Music, we’ve tested countless Bluetooth speakers in our quest to find a wireless speaker that packs a punch in the sound department. The Devialet Phantom blows this category out of the water, with performance and function that puts it into a class of its own.

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Experience Devialet Phantom in our Showroom

Prop your feet up in one of our luxuriously comfortable listening chairs, and we’ll help you explore the possibilities. We’ll setup the Devialet Phantom with a variety of components that you can swap out to experience in audio quality at full power without distortion. Bring your favorite music on your phone or computer, or sample some of our vast collection, to see just how easy it is to get a powerful music experience with the Devialet Phantom.

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Devialet Phantom:
The All-In-One System

With the Devialet Phantom, you don’t need a full collection of components to pack a punch. The digital-to-analog converter (DAC), processor, amplifier, loud speakers, and connectivity are all housed inside the beautifully-designed, compact unit.

Setting up and using this elegant piece is simple: just connect your audio source, whether that’s phone, computer or other streaming device, and press play. Devialet’s proprietary Spark application allows you to connect and control your playlist, whether saved or streamed. Learn more on Devialet’s website >

Devialet Phantom Technology

Devialet’s world-renowned hybrid digital and analog amplification technology truly comes to life with the Devialet Phantom. The Phantom also boasts proprietary Heart Bass Implosion, the only system in the world that allows for extremely low frequencies to be emitted from such a compact space. Together with analog digital hybrid technology, the heart bass implosion system allows Phantom to reproduce levels of sound at 16HZ – the edge of infra sound.

Enjoying music at full volume – up to an chest-pounding 99 decibels – without the distortion that you’d find with most components, is perhaps the Phantom’s best use. Even your neighbors might agree, once they get over the surprise of the powerful bass – balanced by a rare, well-rounded treble – emanating from this small, white glossy system.

Now, all you need is a party.

Devialet Phantom Whole Home Connectivity

At 25 pounds, the Devialet Phantom is portable. But once you hear the Phantom do its magic and see how easy it is to use with your existing system and with other Phantoms throughout your home with the Dialog hub, you’ll likely want to leave each unit in its place for the ultimate multi-room experience.

With the Spark app, you can play the same music on all the Phantoms or shuffle from room to room. There’s really nothing holding you back from enjoying quality sound at any volume with limitless convenience.

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