Music Hall

Music Hall at House of Music

The brainchild of audiophile Roy Hall, Music Hall does things a little differently from other audio manufacturers, and it’s a difference you can hear and feel—particularly in your wallet! Hall travels to China, the Czech Republic, and other overseas markets to find incredible buys in high end audio equipment and to discover new suppliers, developers and audio wunderkind willing to produce for Hall’s label and following his specifications.

The Music Hall Turntables and Loudspeakers

The results of Halls contacts and audio obsessiveness are a line of turntables, hand-made cartridges and loudspeakers that rival the highest-end components in the industry, but are still somehow available for a price that is amazingly affordable. Every Music Hall turntable, for example, continues to be sourced from the Czech Republic, more specifically from a factory that managed to survive the Soviet occupation and followed that up by quietly turning out quality turntables while everyone else started making CDs. All of Music Hall’s turntables are designed to extract a musical and satisfying presentation from vinyl while representing a tremendous value.