Whole House Audio

Whole House audio

Imagine being so deeply enveloped by sound that if you closed your eyes, you’d float away with the notes. With a quality whole house audio system, you can experience that and more in your own home. Combining high-end, integrated components with today’s wired and streaming technologies, designed and installed by expert technicians, House of Music can create a whole house audio system that fits your needs.

Ready for your whole house audio system to pack a punch in the sound department without impacting the beauty of your home design or requiring complicated user instructions? See House of Music for your whole house audio needs.

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Visit our Showroom

If you’ve considered a whole house audio system before, you may have been overwhelmed by the selection of components that you’ll need to integrate for the right functionality in your own home. Come to our state-of-the-art showroom in San Francisco’s South of Market district to experience our high-end audio brands for yourself before you buy.

Walk through our showroom with an expert audio technician, where you can see all of the audio eye-candy you can incorporate into your whole house audio system. Then, prop your feet up in a luxuriously comfortable listening chair in one of our four cutting-edge listening rooms and we’ll help you explore the possibilities.

We’ll setup a variety of components from our deep product selection that you can swap out to experience first hand. Bring your favorite music on your phone or computer, or sample some of our vast collection, to see just how easy it is to get a powerful music experience custom tailored to your taste.

View Our Showroom

Whole House Audio Consultation

Have you thought about a whole house audio system but been intimidated by the complexity of integrating performance, function and style? Let the expert sound and video technicians at House of Music assist you every step of the way.

Sign up for a free, in-home consultation with one of House of Music’s expert audio professionals, and treat yourself to the most in-depth experience in the industry. We will walk through your home with you, listen to your needs and special concerns, and create the perfect plan for a custom whole house audio system that fits you and your home. By starting the process with an in-home consultation, you’ll be poised to find the ideal system right out of the gate, and avoid surprises and disappointments down the road. Best of all: the consultation is completely free.

Whole House Audio Installation

Installation might sound pretty straightforward, but we take custom whole house audio installation to the next level.

On delivery day, your new goodies will arrive courtesy of a House of Music staffer (remember, we never outsource). From the moment when the first box is opened, you’ll know you are in the hands of professionals and experts. An installer deeply familiar with the equipment and your specifications will set each and every speaker in its place, mount them to your walls neatly, wire as needed, move furniture if the situation calls for it, hang your massive flat screen TV with aplomb, program your new system and connect it to any existing electronics you may have. Remotes are also programed, and last—but surely not least—your installer will sit down with you and go through the operating instructions of your new whole house audio system until you feel absolutely confident to go it alone.

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