KEF Speakers and Audio Equipment at House of Music

Even the queen of England recognizes the preeminence of KEF, a Britain-based loudspeaker manufacturer founded in 1961. In the 1970’s, KEF was awarded into the Order of the British Empire by Elizabeth II. Locals in San Francisco and the Bay Area seem to agree, seeking out KEF’s high-end audio equipment for its quality and clarity.

Billing itself as the “innovator in sound” may sound like KEF is ‘amplifying’ its role a bit, if not downright exaggerating it! But for more than 50 years, KEF has stayed true to its tagline. Founder Raymond Cook, a former electrical engineer for the BBC, launched the company by experimenting with new materials and technologies, with the goal to reproduce recordings every bit as beautiful and natural as the original. Interestingly, KEF was the first company to use computers in loudspeaker testing and design.

House of Music carries a full line of KEF speakers and home theater components, including:

  • KEF’s Flagship hi-fi speakers, including the famous Blade design
  • KEF digital hi-fi speakers, like the popular x300A
  • KEF subwoofers
  • KEF home theater system components, from streamlined digital TV soundbars to custom, integrated home audio systems
  • KEF headphones

Tech-savvy Bay Area residents, like thousands of lucky audiophiles around the world continue to choose KEF for its innovation and high-performance. From ceiling units to wall-mountable enclosures to home theater speakers, KEF leads the field in top-of-the-line home audio.

Call us at 415 255 0888 or come by our state-of-the-art showroom at 410 Harriet Street, San Francisco to learn more about our current stock of KEF speakers and audio equipment.

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