Devialet at House of Music

The new sound. That’s what Devialet is imagining, designing and building. With a huge following of audiophiles and gear-heads, Devialet dreams up technology to serve the most discerning buyers and then brings it to life.

Called the “most thoroughly high-end lines of stereo equipment we’ve ever seen,” by Digital Trends, Devialet proves that beauty isn’t skin-deep. With extraordinary design you can see on the outside, Devialet’s gear is unbelievably complex and technological on the inside. All that to produce the highest quality audio experience designed to pass on the precise creation of the musician.

Devialet Audio Technology

In 2010, Devialet set out to revolutionize the hi-fi industry with its exclusive analog digital hybrid (ADH) amplification technology. ADH provides the best of both worlds, marrying analog and digital technologies to produce and entirely new amplifier class with a performance far superior to those of the past.

In 2014, Devialet again reimagined the user experience with its breakthrough Speaker Active Matching (SAM) technology. Truly a first in the industry, amplifiers utilizing SAM technology process and adapt the signal in real-time to your speakers, revealing the full extent of their audio potential. SAM technology does not require any hardware modification within your amplifier or speakers – just activate SAM on the online configurator and your Devialet will instantly recognize your speaker’s profile for a perfectly matched signal.

Worried that Devialet’s commitment to advances means your system will be outdated in a few months? Fear not. Devialet offers free software upgrades for improved performance and increased functionality every few months under their EVO platform.

With Devialet amplifiers and proprietary technology, the options are limitless. They are imagining, building and living an epic story. Are you in?

Call us at 415 255 0888 or come by our state-of-the-art showroom at 410 Harriet Street, San Francisco to experience Devialet first hand.

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