REL Subwoofers at House of Music

Do one thing, and do it perfectly—that’s the motto of REL, a Welsh manufacturer of subwoofers, and pretty much just subwoofers. Lest subwoofers fail to elicit excitement for you, remember these beauties aren’t just subwoofers. REL’s subs have won acclaim from virtually every high-end audio and home theater magazine you can name. RELs products, throughout its range, combine the highest technology with fundamental reliability, along with a unique approach to design that results in what many consider the most musical and powerful sounding subwoofers anywhere.

The REL Subwoofer – Quality without Distortion

The subwoofer’s task is to deliver musical fundamentals below the reach of ordinary loudspeakers. REL sub-bass systems are optimized to deliver highly accurate, dynamic low bass in music as well as film soundtracks. With a REL subwoofer, the loudness required for a real home theater or home dance club experience never results in distortion, a key factor that separates RELs from the subwoofer pack. Another factor that puts a REL subwoofer on top is its ability to integrate effortlessly with your main home audio system, enhancing its sound by naturally underpinning the output from the speakers−making them sound as if they’ve magically doubled in size.

Additionally, REL engineers work hard to make the overall design more mechanically efficient. Greater efficiency means more output from fewer watts of electricity consumed, which is a good thing on this steadily warming planet of ours. On the subject of sustainability, even the cabinet damping material used in some of REL’s most sought-after designs is made from recycled blue jeans. Sounds weird, but recycled denim is the finest, best-sounding stratified damping material for bass driver/cabinet interaction in test after test. It’s also worth noting that conventional wadding such as fiberglass takes about 100 million years to break down, give or take a million.

Manufactured with care by highly skilled Welsh technicians, REL’s subwoofers are simply the finest available on the planet, and would make an outstanding addition to your high-end audio or home theater system.