Sonos Speakers at House of Music San Francisco

In the brave not-too-new world that is internet streaming, there exists only one perfect audio distribution system, and that is Sonos. Since its founding in 2002 this Santa Barbara-based company has remained at the forefront of audio technology, offering the ideal bridge between your digital music source (whether mobile or not) and your ears in a wireless hi-fi system that just might make your stereo obsolete. Best of all, this high-tech gear is the ONLY option if you want the choice to play from Rhapsody, Pandora, Spotify, Sirius and others. No other streaming system supports as many platforms as Sonos.

For simplicity and a certain spare elegant aesthetic, Sonos speakers stand alone. The speakers and required Sonos Bridge are almost completely devoid of buttons or knobs, nothing to detract from the clean, clear look of these components. And they’re just as simple to use. You can start and stop music in any room with ease. And what about the sound? Regardless of the model you choose, all Sonos speakers produce excellent, rich and meaty sound for their size, and the depth and scale of Sonos’ bass is astoundingly impressive.

The Sonos Controller for Next Level Streaming

Stream your music in multiple rooms of your home, wirelessly with a range of options from Sonos – from tiny, surprisingly affordable speakers that look more like post-modern, slightly larger-than-life thimbles to bulkier models that blend effortlessly with any contemporary décor. Sonos is a system that can be as small or as large as your needs, growing with you effortlessly. This is the solution for those audiophiles who demand the very latest in steaming audio, and want a system that works without wires and without a remote (by downloading the Sonos Controller app for iOS or Android devices, your tablet or smartphone become your remote).

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