Free In-Home Consultations
Custom Installation

High End Audio Services Available at House of Music

Maybe you’ve just bought a new home. Or, maybe a recent remodel of your place has inspired you to invest in another long-wished for upgrade. Perhaps a stroke of good fortune at the office now makes your dream of a custom home theater or high-end audio system a real possibility.

Complimentary In-Home Consultations

The world of high-end audio and video can be intimidating, even for those homeowners who consider themselves experts. There are more options to chose from than ever before, better brands and more technical considerations, too. Fortunately, the first step is the easiest: sign up for a Free In-Home Consultation with House of Music.

One of our specialists will visit your residence and work with you to choose the best components and high end audio systems for your specific needs. The Consultation gives you a chance to speak your mind and share your audio dreams, and includes a thorough walk through of your space with a real audio expert. Together, we’ll build a plan that meets your needs and budget, and we’ll provide a detailed estimate of the time and cost involved. Learn more about our free in-home consultations >

Expert Home Audio Installation

Unlike other audio/video retailers, our services don’t end at the point of purchase. We don’t rely on a middleman to deliver and install the acoustical treasures you’ve so painstakingly picked out. House of Music’s Custom Home Audio Installation is an integral part of our service commitment, a part we take very seriously. A House of Music installation means we’ll take care of moving your furniture, preparing your walls. We’ll unpack your new components, set up speakers exactly where you want them, program the whole shebang, and carry away the packaging, too.

Finally, after your House of Music installer programs your remotes, you’ll be treated to an in-depth tutorial on how to use your new system. We won’t leave until you are ready to rock and roll confidently on your own. Learn more about our custom audio installation >