McIntosh Labs

McIntosh Labs at House of Music

Famous for its high-end amplifiers and loudspeakers, McIntosh Labs is more than a pretty face. Sure, this is hot-looking audio equipment−with its black glass front panels and signature Blue Watt Meters. But McIntosh audio power and quality go far beyond their visual appeal.

McIntosh amps give off a big, complex and warm sound that is never brash or fatiguing. Designed and manufactured in the U.S. from its inception (1949), this is a quintessentially American company with a big time national and local following (Grateful Dead guitarist Bob Weir, a San Francisco native, insists on McIntosh audio equipment in his home studio and on stage).

House of Music provides a wide selection of McIntosh audio equipment, including:

  • McIntosh amplifiers and pre-amplifiers
  • McIntosh receivers
  • McIntosh tuners
  • McIntosh speakers
  • McIntosh home theater processors
  • Specialty products and custom configurations

Whether your audio needs call for solid state or tube amps; in-stereo, mono- or multi-channel configurations, McIntosh Labs is the best choice for the best sound.

Call us at 415 255 0888 or come by our state-of-the-art showroom at 410 Harriet Street, San Francisco to learn more about our current stock of McIntosh audio equipment.

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