High End Headphones:
Immerse Yourself.

At House of Music, we love music as much as you do. That’s why we offer only the best high end headphones on the market. When you want to be fully immersed in sound, create your own private audio experience with high end headphones. You’ll feel the difference in comfort, hear the difference in sound quality and experience the difference in your environment, with maximum insulation from the outside world.

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Why High End Headphones?

Sometimes you want to share what you love with friends. Other times, you need an intimate, personal audio experience. For those times, when you want to be washed over by the power of sound, the perfect pair of headphones is key. Whether you’re looking for a set of comfortable in-ear headphones for biking or a closed-back circumaural design to use in your home theater or studio, House of Music offers a wide selection of high end headphones for the exact listening experience you desire.

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McIntosh Headphones

Although they might be new to the headphone world, the McIntosh commands respect from audiophiles and gear heads alike, and for good reason. McIntosh headphones are no exception to the brand appeal, and certainly live up to the hype. Crafted from premium materials, the new MHP1000 headphones provide a comfortable, relaxed fit with a circumaural design to block out any outside noise. These high end headphones bring the sound qualities of a full McIntosh system to an intimate setting for an uncompromised personal listening experience.


grado headphones

Grado Labs Headphones

Hand-built in Brooklyn, the Grado Labs family has been crafting exquisite headphones that reflect the investment of time, energy and care without the equivalent price tag for over 60 years. From their flagship PS1000 luxury Professional Series model to their moderately-priced Prestige Series, Grado is dedicated to creating headphones that produce substantial sound and performance with the comfort and design credibility that audiophiles expect in their homes and studios alike. Sonic purity is unmatched with Grado’s continuously improved technology, and their iconic mahogany appearance is easily recognized, and cherished, by those in the audio know.


Bowers & Wilkins Headphones

Bowers & Wilkins has been refining sound reproduction for over half a century, and their collection of headphones reflects the wide variety of needs that audiophiles turn B&W to serve. From the wireless streaming P5 model to the ultra light and portable P3, the classic P7 to the C5 Series 2 in-ear model, Bowers & Wilkins high end headphones are just another extension of the brand’s innovative technology and emphasis on acoustic innovation.


KEF Headphones

If you’re serious about sound, KEF has two models of headphones for you. The light, robust and supremely comfortable M500 hi-fi over-ear headphones are designed for audiophiles who want to enjoy their music on the go without losing the authenticity of the audio. With two dedicated dynamic drivers, M200 in-ear earphones allow you to enjoy the most delicate nuances of the original recording while enjoying an ergonomically perfect fit every time.


Focal Headphones

The Spirit of Sound is captured once again through French brand Focal’s high end headphones. With four lines of headphones designed to their purpose, Focal shows off their in-house innovation to perfection. The closed back hi-fidelity line of Spirit Classic headphones have been designed for audiophiles and music lovers, while the Spirit One S were created for the ultimate mobile acoustic experience. Focal’s Sphear in-ear line is dedicated to the balance between sound and comfort, while the Spirit Professional line has been specifically designed to meet the expectations and requirements of Recording Studios, Home Studios and Broadcasting Studios.


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