Parasound at House of Music

Ever wonder what movie and recording studios use to create flawless sound? Wonder no more.

Parasound is the choice of movie studios, artists and Oscar-winning sound engineers, both on the job and at home. But you don’t have to be an engineer, or even an expert, to hear how good Parasound equipment sounds. Bring your favorite movies and music to life – exactly how they were made – with Parasound audio equipment.

Parasound Halo

Parasound offers a number of audio components, from power amplifiers to zone amplifiers, preamplifiers to CD players, across a number of product lines.

The award-winning Parasound Halo line is designed as a premium full line for professionals and discerning audiophiles alike. The beautiful-yet-functional Parasound Halo line is designed to raise the bar for both performance and value. And it delivers, defying the notion that high-end audio products must be priced beyond reach.

The Parasound NewClassic line is a fresh interpretation of the Parasound classic designs, emphasizing affordable performance and reliability. To complement the Parasound Halo line, the company has crafted the Z Custom line of ultra-compact components that perform in the tightest of spaces.