Custom Installation

Custom Audio Installation by House of Music

It sounds pretty straight forward, and certainly House of Music is not the only retailer of high-end audio and video that also installs your new components in your home. But take a closer look at our specific take on custom audio installation, and you’ll quickly understand that we take the idea and really run with it.

On delivery day, your new goodies will arrive courtesy of a House of Music staffer (remember, we never outsource). From the moment when the first box is opened, you’ll know you are in the hands of professionals and experts. An installer deeply familiar with the equipment and your specifications will set each and every speaker in its place, mount them to your walls neatly, wire as needed, move furniture if the situation calls for it, hang your massive flat screen TV with aplomb, program your new system and connect it to any existing electronics you may have. Remotes are also programed, and last—but surely not least—your installer will sit down with you and go through the operating instructions of your new sound or video system until you feel absolutely confident to go it alone.

At House of Music we take Custom Audio Installation seriously and personally. You will get to know our installers by name, and if concerns or questions arise, we are ready to help. We’ll even take care of all the cardboard and Styrofoam!

Before you get started with a custom audio installation, you’ll probably need a complimentary in-home consultation, right? Learn more about our consultation process.