Vienna Acoustics

Vienna Acoustics Speakers at House of Music

According to Vienna Acoustics, loudspeakers are the most important mediator of any sound system, bringing the listener nearer to music in a more enveloping, engaging way. At House of Music we tend to agree. We’re honored to carry this company’s legendary loudspeakers, components that bend technology to the service of beautiful music.

Born in the city of Vienna, Austria (the City of Music, as its commonly called), Vienna Acoustics entered the sound-system field in 1989, and has been garnering a well deserved buzz ever since. Part of the allure of these loudspeakers lies in the construction, as true musical fidelity requires innovative parts crafted through exacting precision mechanics. But fans of Vienna Acoustics are just as obsessive about this company’s wood veneers as they are about the speakers’ innards. Crafted from furniture-grade real wood, the characteristically massive loudspeaker cabinets from Vienna Acoustics are big, beautiful and tremendously well-performing.

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